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Why buy a KIA vehicle in Trinidad and Tobago

Many years ago, long before ‘ROTFL – Roll on the Floor Laughing’ was a popular social media expression, people in Trinidad and Tobago were ‘ROTFL’ . . . on d main road. Why? Likely because a Kia was driving by. The Korean brand wasn’t a charmer at first. Known for substandard workmanship and materials, Kia was one of those new cars you bought just to say you bought a new car.


One owner from 20 years ago recollects,

“My dashboard just start to peel back from the windscreen, like somebody take a blow torch and melt it”.

Southern Sales and Service was quick to respond by changing the dashboard under warranty. The owner was happy … for some time.

On another occasion he recollects,

“My dashboard just start to peel back from the windscreen, like somebody take a blow torch and melt it”- yes it happened again!


But all that has changed. Kia is now the fastest growing brand in Trinidad. It’s up there with established names like Nissan and Toyota. What happened? ALOT!



The new Sorento debuts a number of new, advanced on-board technologies to improve convenience and further enhance the ownership experience. New available features include a Rear-View Monitor with Cross Alert, Blind Spot Detection and a Smart Power Tailgate. This system opens the tailgate automatically when the key is ‘sensed’ in close proximity to the trunk, so owners can slide their shopping bags or heavy objects straight into the vehicle.

Please note, there is no need to do a Olatunji dance behind the Sorento for the tailgate to open- just walk up with the key on you. Some customers in the Diego Martin area have been seen walking up to the Tailgate hours on end just because they like the Star Trek vibes.


Imagine cruising along the north coast taking in the blue Trinidad sky. The Panoramic Sunroof available on the Sportage EX, Optima and all Sorentos offers that exclusivity. Remember we’re talking the entire roof being glass, not just a ‘lil’ rectangle. So if that one person in your family, who always gets motion sickness, needs to look out the window, just stick them in the back and tell them look up – there’s enough glass to go around.

... more reasons to buy a Kia ...

Kia’s Resale Value in Trinidad and Tobago
Kia’s Blind Spot Detection System

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