2019 Sportage Ex Features 2019 Sportage Ex Features
(post updated January 28, 2021)


Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) in Trinidad

What really makes an SUV worth the money? Is it more cargo capacity to pack what's needed for a Down the Islands trip or Maracas Beach run? Or maybe you're looking for a vehicle that can stand up to road conditions in Trinidad and Tobago? Or perhaps you prefer a vehicle that feels safer because it's larger and heavier?


Whatever your reason, gone are the days of feeling pressure to downsize because of vehicle cost. The #1 Selling SUV in Trinidad and Tobago is now as affordable as a sedan. And not to mention value-for-money. But don't just take our word for it, check it out for yourself.


Kia Sportage Financing & Promotion

Sportage LX $211,824.33
Sportage EX $268,600.83
Qualifying income* $7000 - $9000/ mth.
Monthly installments $2747 - $3357

* qualifying salary can be joint



Wondering if you qualify for our Sportage? Feel free to message our sales rep Don Stephens now!


Sportage Lx & Ex Feature Comparison

ABS & ESC* Yes Yes
DBC** Yes Yes
Daytime Running Lights Yes Yes
Panoramic Sunroof No Yes
Power & Smart Tailgate No Yes
Fabric Seats Yes Yes
7" Apple/ Android Stereo No Yes
Cruise Control         Yes Yes
Steering Wheel Mounted Controls Yes Yes
Reverse Camera No Yes
Burglar alarm w/ immobilizer Yes Yes
Front Parking Sensors No Yes
Rear Parking Sensors Yes Yes
Wireless Cellphone Charging No Yes
LED Headlight w/ LED DRL & Indicator No Yes
Blind Spot Detection No Yes
Dual-zone Climate Control No Yes
17" Rims & Tyres Yes Yes
Welcome System w/ Door Handle Lights No Yes
Smart Key w/ Push Start No Yes
Power & Smart Tailgate     No Yes

* Anti-lock Braking System & Electronic Stability Control

** Downhill Brake Control


Interested to see what colours are available in our Sportage? Here you go.



By now, you're probably interested in finding out if you qualify for our Sportage. Or maybe you have questions about financing? Send us a message now!



Kia Sportage Ex Photos




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