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Kia Soul - low price, many features, refined ride.

Kia Trinidad Soul


Let's cut right to the chase. If you want 'value for money' then you're looking in the right place. But don't take our word for it. Here's the breakdown:



Soul w/ sunroof     $186,000
Qualifying Income * $7000/ mth.
Monthly installments $2629

* could be joint

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Kia Rio - best deal in town, ever!


*UPDATED April 25, 2020*

Please note this promotion has now expired. But you can view our current specials by visiting our Specials Page.


It doesn't get better than this - the features, prices and very low qualifying income make it impossible to beat these deals on our RIO Sport LX.


Why do we have these deals? Because you deserve value for your money! 

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Not everyone wants a Hybrid: Kia Sportage 2019

Kia Sportage GT 2019

Yes, everyone wants to save money on gas. Yes the price of gas in Trinidad and Tobago took a leap. Yes there are tax incentives for hybrid vehicles. Yes we all want to save the environment. But let's be honest, not everybody thinks a hybrid car is the answer to their problems.


Here's another option for you ... but before we get into all the reasons that you should by a Kia Sportage let's ask the question:


What really makes an SUV worth all that money?

Is it more cargo capacity to pack in what's needed for a Down the Islands trip or Maracas Beach run? Maybe you're looking for a vehicle that could stand up to road conditions in Trinidad and Tobago? Need we say pothole galore. Or maybe the feeling of a safer vehicle because it's larger and heavier?

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Not everyone wants a Hybrid: Kia Rio Sport 2019

Kia Rio 2019

Try searching Google for 'cheap trini cars' and this results in pages and pages of new and used vehicles. Type in - 'Trinidad Hybrid cars' and the results are almost double the previous!


So what's all the hype with Hybrid vehicles in Trinidad and Tobago? Could it be the savings on gas? Or maybe we're finally hoping on board the green iniative? Regardless of the reason, not everyone is interested in owning a hybrid vehicle. For these persons, we have many options! 


Meet the #1 Selling Small Car in Trinidad and Tobago: Rio Sport 2019!


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The new and improved Kia Cerato in Trinidad and Tobago

All-new Cerato
(This post was updated April 25, 2020)


When you've held the title of best selling mid-sized sedan in Trinidad and Tobago, for the past 3 years, there's a lot expected of you. And this year's new and improved Kia Cerato model does not disappoint!

It's crammed with features! We keep telling you: we're all about giving you value for your money! The appeal of the Kia Cerato goes far beyond just style and comfort. Everywhere you look, you'll notice details that are mindful of real-life situations. From the ease of getting in and out of the vehicle to the ergonomic controls at your fingertips, the Cerato helps you enjoy modern life to the fullest.


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4 Steps to buying a new Kia

(This post was updated December 01, 2020)
Get all the specs, colors, prices and more at your leisure without the traffic, parking problems and sales pressure.
When you let us know the following we can help you determine if you qualify for financing. 
Let us know -
  • Salary
  • If deposited to the bank
  • If permanent for more than 2 years
  • If any loans and if so the monthly payments. 
  • Who your bankers are
  • The more relevant details the better 
Touch and see your investment, choose your color, sign some forms once approved by bank
You’ll be driving away in your new ride. 
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Best budget friendly vehicles at Kia Trinidad and Tobago


*UPDATED April 25, 2020*

Please note this promotion has now expired. But you can view our current specials by visiting our Specials Page.

 Does not look like a traditional hybrid
 More standard features and safety tech vs hybrid competitors
 Fantastic fuel economy
 Comfortable cabin with plenty of space
 Generous cargo capacity w/ rear folding seats
 Stylish modern interior 
Do you want a car that lets you save 50% of your monthly gas bill yet you don’t compromise trunk space, ground clearance, good looks, features and will not make you into a pauper?”
[Enter Niro]

Qualifying Income * $9000/ mth
Monthly Installments $3042 - $3403

* qualifying salary can be joint

NO DEPOSIT ( for qualifying customers)

 Sporty, modern design
 Apple CarPlay & Android Auto included
 Bluetooth connectivity
 Rear Parking Sensors
 Reverse Camera w/ Dynamic Lines
 17" Alloy Rims
Who wouldn't appreciate a budget priced vehicle that doesn't feel cheap? The Rio Sport offers features usually reserved for more expensive cars with the aim of giving you the better bang for your buck!
Qualifying Income * $6500/ mth
Monthly Installments $2136- $2424

* qualifying salary can be joint

NO DEPOSIT ( for qualifying customers)
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Special Financing Package at Kia Trinidad


*UPDATED April 25, 2020*

Please note this promotion has now expired. But you can view our current specials by visiting our Specials Page.

In these tightening economic times, car ownership has eluded some. But rather than being a luxury, a car is a necessity for most with work, kids, health, safety and many other factors to consider.
  • Have you tried to own a car but met obstacles from Finance houses and other wise?
  • Does your monthly salary fall within the Qualifying Range but the deposit, insurance, legal fees, maintenance and other costs push those car keys out of reach?
We can help!
As a first in Trinidad and Tobago, our new Finance Package aims to remove a lot of those obstacles mentioned. And there are multiple benefits to choose from:
  • No Deposit or Reduced deposit 
  • No legal fees
  • Savings Plan
  • Free insurance for 1 year
  • Free Service for 1 year
  • Free Accessories


Coupled with our current specials below, owning a new car just got so much easier!



Qualifying Income * $6500/mth
Monthly Installments $2136.23 

* qualifying salary can be joint

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June Specials at Kia Trinidad!

They say good things come to those who wait. The wait is over. For the month of June we're offering our lowest prices for the year! RIO LX T&T'S best selling small car!* FREE TINT, MATS, CAMERAQualifying salary – $5500/mthStarting at only – $1950/mthView features CERATO T&T'S best selling car!* FREE INSURANCE, TINT, MATS, SERVICE FOR 1 YEAR...
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Kia is now Android Auto-ready!

We’re huge fans of safety so anything that keeps your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel, we’ll sign up for it!

‘OK Google, so what is Android Auto anyway?’

Like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto makes driving safer for you, and others, by bringing key features of your phone to your Kia digital display. Now available on our Rio Sport, Android Auto helps you “Stay focused, connected, and entertained”!

Check out features of the latest addition to the Kia family! Kia fans, meet Android Auto.


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Ready to Play?

Ready to Play?

As kids, we would all call 'shotgun' for the prized front passenger seat. After all, that's the best view in the house right? But now that you're a driver, you sure wish your copilot would take that role more seriously!

Well, guess what? We introduce you to, the ultimate copilot. KIA FANS, meet APPLE CARPLAY!

Now Available in our Rio Sport, Apple CarPlay makes tasks like getting directions, making calls, sending and receiving messages, look like 'suck-eye'. It also ensures your driving experience is much safer. For you AND others on the road. Oh! By the way. The above actions can be done, hands-free!


So how does it work? It's simple!

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What do you know about the Kia Cerato?

What do you know about the Kia Cerato?

They say good looks can take you only so far. It's a good thing the all new Kia Cerato not only has good looks, with its European-flavoured body, but also gives you value for your money. It's no wonder it was the best selling vehicle in Trinidad and Tobago for 2017! That's right, THE BEST SELLING VEHICLE IN TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO FOR 2017. 

But why? What makes the all new Kia Cerato worth every penny? Could it be the spacious and quiet cabin packed with an enhanced infotainment system that is rated as the most user friendly?

Or maybe you value safety above all other features. The Cerato comes with Blind Spot Detection and Lane Change Assist.

A bit of an adrenaline junky? With drive mode select, including Sport mode, and Paddle Shifters,  we encourage you to gear up. You've made the right choice!

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What do you know about the Kia Soul?


What type of vehicle is the Kia Soul? Hatchback? Wagon? SUV? 

Guess what? You CAN have your cake AND eat it too!
The all new Kia Soul challenges every label you know. It’s the highest ranked Subcompact SUV for the past three years! And it delivers in every category.

  • Impressive amount of cargo space.
  • Comfortable, roomy cabin.
  • An interior outfitted with the latest gadgets that redefines the word ‘convenience’.
  • Largest panoramic sunroof under $195k!
  • Biggest rims & ground clearance in its class!
  • Drive mode that controls transmission, engine and steering.
  • 5-star crash safety rating and IIHS top safety pick

We can go on and on but why don’t you see for yourself? Introducing the Kia Soul:

Combining high-energy performance with eye-catching design, the all new Kia Soul offers drive mode selection to ensure your driving experience is exactly the way you want it!

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What do you know about the Kia Rio?

The all new Rio Sport is everything you want in a super compact vehicle with no compromise! With a sporty, muscular looking exterior and and a soft-touch ergonomical interior it makes daily use a pleasure.

Filled with clever extras that make rides a little better, the all new Rio Sport comes with factory installed features that are covered by a 3 year warranty!

Kia Trinidad WarrantyManufacturer installed features are assembled and installed during the construction of the vehicle. These are original equipment and are therefore covered by this warranty.

“When you hear someone say “Kia Rio”, certain expectations follow, chief among them a small size and a low price. What you may not expect to find is refinement, sophistication, and a generous helping of features. That’s where the Rio Sport delivers on the Kia brand’s tagline – The Power to Surprise.”

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Why you should use kiatrinidad.com

Why you should use kiatrinidad.com

If you wanted to buy a house in Trinidad would you look at Real Estate listings from USA?

If you were going to Maracas would you check the weather in Hawaii?

If you wanted doubles would you call KFC?

No, no and no.

Sometimes customers ask us about Navigation systems, turbo engines and newly released models because they’ve seen these online. Even from some local reps. We’re sorry – that you didn’t come to Kiatrinidad.com before.

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All New Niro Hybrid in Trinidad and Tobago!

All New Niro Hybrid in Trinidad and Tobago!

Two hearts beat as one

Is it really possible to save gas and the environment while driving a car?

Is the answer to use a different type of gas? What if you could switch your gas Engine OFF even while you drive? Introducing the ALL NEW KIA NIRO!

Two hearts – one is the gasoline powered engine. One is the electric powered motor. Together they beat as one– that’s called HYBRID.


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Driving Tips with Kia Trinidad – Adjusting the Steering Wheel

Some persons drive with their left hand on the wheel, and half their body hanging off the side of the car. Others carry the seat all the way up to the steering wheel gripping it firmly with both hands.

So what is the proper posture when it comes to safe driving? How do you adjust the steering wheel to your body? You’ll get those answers in this week’s episode.

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Driving Tips with Kia Trinidad – Dead battery in your smart key?

One of the many great features on Kia vehicles is the Smart Key and Push Button Start. But what happens when the battery in your smart key is dead and you find yourself locked out the vehicle?

Don’t panic! There’s a simple solution. Take a look at our driving tip for this week to find out how.


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Driving Tips with Kia Trinidad – De-Fog Your Windshield

Because we live on an island that experiences a five month rainy season, things can get a bit ‘foggy’ sometimes.

So what is the fastest way to de-fog your windshield? Should you blast the windshield with hot air? Or should use cold air? Should you crack the windows? Does the ‘A/C’ button need to be on?

Thankfully, all Kia vehicles come with a single de-fog button for your safety and convenience. Check out how easy it is to de-fog your windshield in this week’s ‘Driving Tips with Kia Trinidad’!

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24th Anniversary Sales Event!


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