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Reasons to buy a hatchback in Trinidad and Tobago

Stylish, compact and practical with advanced technology and safety features.

Here are three reasons to buy a hatchback in Trinidad and Tobago!

1. Granny was right. Looks are deceiving.

It makes sense, “a sedan has to be more spacious than a hatchback!” Not necessarily. Having undergone numerous changes and modifications, hatchbacks are not as small as they seem. Especially taking into consideration that the rear seats fold down, allowing for significantly more cargo space than a sedan. Think, more space for your grocery shopping at Massy Stores and a bigger cooler when you’re packing for a Maracas run.

2. Made for Trinidad and Tobago

We know what it’s like driving on Trinidad roads. High traffic, no parking, hot sun and crazy drivers. Hatchbacks are your allies. They’re compact, low maintenance, have great fuel economy and enhanced storage space. So if you’re heading to Charlotte street don’t stress about parking. Its compact size takes that worry away. It’s also great for those of us who can’t seem to master parallel parking just yet. You know what I’m talking about.

3. Resale Value

Especially for first time buyers, hatchbacks are well known to have a higher resale value when compared to sedans. It’s a fact. That’s all.

Learn more about the ‘All new 2017 Cerato Hatchback’.

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