(868) 3936-DON 
In accord with our new Covid-19 Protocol we will be unable to accept random walk ins.

Please be sure to call or message to set up an appointment before visiting the showroom.

Call or Message Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. Email anytime. No Whatsapp Voicecalls please. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Specials Happening at Kia Trinidad!

May Promotions at Kia Trinidad
(post updated October 22, 2020)



Feel like the car shopping experience is too much of a hassle? We make it really simple for you using kiatrinidad.com. Check out this easy 4 step process!


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Can I buy a Kia vehicle at this time?

Can I buy a Kia vehicle at this time?
Important update to this post as of August 1, 2020:

And We're Back

In accord with our new Covid-19 Protocol, we will be unable to accept random walk-ins. 

Please be sure to call or message to set up an appointment with our sales rep Don Stephens BEFORE visiting the showroom. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Please use the message button below to make an appointment



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Kia Cerato Lx & Gt: An 'unbiased' introduction.

2019 Kia Cerato in Trinidad and Tobago
(post updated October 9, 2020)


Many years ago, long before ‘ROTFL – Roll on the Floor Laughing’ was a popular social media expression, people in Trinidad and Tobago were ‘Rolling on the Floor Laughing' because a Kia was driving by. The Korean brand wasn’t a charmer at first. Known for substandard workmanship and materials, Kia was one of those new cars you bought just to say you bought a new car. Fast forward 23 years and we can see the truth in the phrase - 'Who laughs last, laughs the best!'. For the past three years, the Cerato has been the best selling mid-sized sedan in Trinidad and Tobago.



Cerato LX $177,633.33
Cerato GT             $214,842.71
Qual. Income* $5500 - $7000/ mth
Monthly Instal. $2193 - $2616

* qualifying salary can be joint


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Kia Trinidad, Don Stephens

We would just like to say ... thank you for your support in 2019. We look forward to serving you in 2020!


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Should you buy a hybrid or fully electric car in Trinidad and Tobago?

Kia Niro Hybrid Trinidad Review
(post updated October 12, 2020)

There's a lot of talk about hybrid/electric cars in Trinidad and Tobago these days but what's all the talk about and is it worth your time ... AND MONEY?


"Click here if you don't care and just want to know the price of our Niro Hybrid."


One thing's for sure, options are many ...

  • Toyota Aqua, Prius, Axio, Voxy

  • Nissan Leaf, Serena, Note, X-Trail

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Can you afford to get a new car in Trinidad?

(post updated August 1, 2020)


  • This is not an article showing you how to finance a loan for a new car in Trinidad.
  • This is not an auto/ car loan affordability or a payment calculator. That's what loans officers are for. We can put you on to one though. Just let us know.
  • This is not an article to discuss whether you should buy a new or used car. We'll leave that debate for another time. 


What this article is or what it will do, is help you determine if you 'can afford' to get a new car. That's not the same as if you can 'afford (financially)' a new car.


If you don't care about all this and would simply like to view our current specials. Then click here.

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Is Kia a 'luxury car' brand?

Can Kia build a Luxury Car?
(post updated October 1, 2020)




  • 'a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.
  • a desirable item which is expensive or difficult to obtain.




Do you base luxury on the brand name?

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Kia Sportage Lx is now $210k!

Sportage Lx Special Promotion
(please note this post was updated October 22, 2020 to reflect price change: $221,975.21)


Don't pinch yourself too hard, you're awake. The #1 selling SUV in Trinidad is now the price of a sedan! When Mama said 'reach for the stars', she didn't know Kia would help.


Here's all that you need to know.


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The New Sportage Ex is here in Trinidad!

2019 Sportage Ex Features
(post updated October 9, 2020)


Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) in Trinidad

What really makes an SUV worth the money? Is it more cargo capacity to pack what's needed for a Down the Islands trip or Maracas Beach run? Or maybe you're looking for a vehicle that can stand up to road conditions in Trinidad and Tobago? Or perhaps you prefer a vehicle that feels safer because it's larger and heavier?


Whatever your reason, gone are the days of feeling pressure to downsize because of vehicle cost. The #1 Selling SUV in Trinidad and Tobago is now as affordable as a sedan. And not to mention value-for-money. But don't just take our word for it, check it out for yourself.


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Kia Trinidad 2019 Clearance Sale!

Kia Trinidad Promotion Clearance Sale


Please note this clearance promo has now expired. But you can view our current specials by visiting our Specials Page.



Clearance Sale 

: an event at a store, during which it sells products at a lower price than usual in order to sell quickly and make room for new items

: a sale of merchandise at reduced prices with a view to clearing it


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Is the Kia Soul a good car?

Kia Soul Trinidad Review
(please note this post was updated February 3, 2020)


Short answer. YES.

Long answer. Read on ... 



You're looking for an SUV that's affordable. You want all the features one would expect in a vehicle made in 2019. The last thing you need is a gas-guzzler and please let there be a lot of space inside. Is it too much to ask that the seats are comfy also? Most important though, safety features are a must. 

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Open House at Kia Trinidad!

K ia Trinidad Open House



8am - 3pm

P.o.s Showroom




No deposit

No instalments until March 2020

Special pricing & Financing

Low-interest rates



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Kia Trinidad 2019 Financing Promotion



Please note this promotion has now expired. But you can view our current specials by visiting our Specials Page.



... and we're back with our 2019 End of Year promotion, just for you lovely people ...

Fine. We'll get right to it:

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2020 Kia Niro Hybrid Promotion

Kia Trinidad Niro Promotion
(post updated October 12, 2020)


Hybrid cars in Trinidad

  • Is it really possible to save gas and the environment while driving a car?
  • Is the answer to use a different type of gas?
  • What if you could switch your gas Engine OFF even while you drive?


The Kia Niro Hybrid can! Two hearts – one is the gasoline-powered engine. One is the electric powered motor. Together they beat as one – that’s called HYBRID.



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2020 Kia Cerato LX Promotion

Kia Trinidad 2019 Cerato on sale promotion
(post updated October 1, 2020)


Cerato Lx now comes with Android Auto Stereo 

Because it's time to get that phone 'Outta Hand' so you have full control of your new car! 



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Buying a New Car in Trinidad: Part I

  Authentication required.

This is a password protected blog, please kindly enter the password into the password field below to view the blog.

Kia Trinidad K2700: Pickup, Truck, Van

Kia Trinidad K2700: Pickup, Truck, Van
(post updated September 29, 2020)


You won't find many options for commercial lightweight pickups, trucks or vans in Trinidad. Which makes choosing the right one for your business, that much harder. The least we can do is provide you with as much information as possible for our option: the Kia K2700. We'll give you the latest specs, prices, financing information, promotions and requirements to qualify for the K2700 pickup.


    K2700 financial information

    Price $154,672
    Qualifying income * $7000/ mth.
    Monthly instalments $2500

    * qualifying salary can be joint

    Price includes tint, mats, alarm, GPS, central locking, power windows, tray liner, reverse sensors.

    (updated: September 29, 2020)

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    4 Promotions happening now at Kia Trinidad

    Kia Trinidad 2019 Promotions

    *UPDATED April 25, 2020*

    Please note this promotion has now expired. But you can view our current specials by visiting our Specials Page.



    Maybe it's year-end or month-end sales events, holiday promotions like Christmas and Carnival or special financing for the launch of new models. During these events, new car dealers in Trinidad may offer 'No deposit, No payments until, Cashback, No Credit History, Free Insurance, Free Service and more. So when is the best time to buy a new vehicle in Trinidad and Tobago?



    Atleast not here at Kia Motors, Trinidad and Tobago. This post was written in January of 2019 and guess what? We don't need an excuse to treat you special. So here you go. Special packages just for you trini-new-car-shoppers.

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    Special Offers & Promotions this month at Kia Trinidad!

    Kia Trinidad Don Stephens Optima Special Offers

    *UPDATED April 25, 2020*

    Please note this promotion has now expired. But you can view our current specials by visiting our Specials Page.





    Whether you're interested in the mid trim (LX) or fully loaded (GT) version, the 2019 Kia Sportage is not your average 'compact SUV'. It's no wonder it was ranked the #1 Selling SUV in Trinidad and Tobago for 2016, 2017 and 2018! If you're looking for new car, it's simply the best value for your money. But it gets even better! We've created this special promotional package just for you!


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    Year End Sale at Kia Trinidad!

    Kia Trinidad 2018 Year End Sale

    *UPDATED April 25, 2020*

    Please note this promotion has now expired. But you can view our current specials by visiting our Specials Page.









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